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Hot Items
Remember Canadian funds, this may be less than you can buy for in the US.
678-021     1100 - 1200 no radio switches**  678-021A One radio switch**678-021B Dual switches  $10.00
15678-021  For the 1500  $19.00 Pr.
QR-1 Helmet Quick release   $10.00  In Chrome $15.00
Star Washer Chrome set of four  501-113  $8.00
1500 Filter Wrench (a must have to save that lower cowl) $15.95
Conch with 8" leather laces many decorative uses. $8.95 pr.
Elegant stick on Eagle emblem.
Flat Chrome  $16.95    Flat Brass color $19.95
Curved Brass for 1500 windshield panel $19.95