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NOTE: We are not with the American or Canads Honda Company. All parts in this catalog are aftermarket. Any reference to a name or model is for reference only. Copyright 2002 Add-On Incorporated, Worcester, MA. Catalog reproduced with written permission of Add-On Incorporated.

NOTICE: The parts in this catalog must be installed by a qualified mechanic in accordance with original equipment manufacturers service manual. All parts should be inspected by a qualified mechanic before installation. It is important that the proper part be selected for a specific purpose. All parts must be maintained in accordance with the O.E.M. service manual. Add On Inc. and or Pro Mod Cycle can not be held responsible for any damage or injury of any kind because of misuse or the improper installation of any parts by any person in any way.

The products in this catalog are after market. We have no connection with the Honda Motor Company or Harley-Davidson. All words, terms, and letters are used for reference only.




1. Aeroshield. 2" taller than stock. 34" wide. Slants back to reduce buffeting, Adjustable

vent. Acrylic.

A. T167V-C Clear Aeroshield with Vent

B. T167V-T Tinted Aeroshield with Vent

2. 1801 Adjustable Winglets. Mounts to stock 1800 windshield. Drilling required.

A. 1601A Same as above but fits Aeroshield.


1B 2 2A 3

  3 4 5

3. 45-1203 Chrome Replacement Lower Cowl. Beautiful and stylish.

4. 18673-221B Driving Light Kit. These high output halogen lights fit behind the cowl

and give much needed extra light. Includes a complete wiring kit.

A. KY-938-2C Replacement lights ? Clear

5. 18673-221C Deluxe Driving Light Kit. Same as above and includes a 15673-187,

Insolated Power Panel, for additional accessory hookups.


1. 45-1207 Chrome Fairing Intake Grills. Tri-chromed ABS grills add beauty to

your bike. Pair.

2. 45-870 Chrome Air Intake Grills. Tri-chromed ABS grills. Pair.

A. 45-870L Lighted Chrome Air Intake Grills. Not shown.

3. 45-1401 Chrome Instrument Accent. This tri-chromed ABS accent piece will dress

up the dash.

4. 45-1402 Chrome Fuel Door Accent. This tri-chromed ABS piece adds a beautiful

finish to the dash.

1 2 3

3 4


4 5 6

5. 45-1205 Chrome Windshield Panel. This chrome ABS panel replaces the painted

panel for that show bike look.

6. 18267 Windshield Panel LED Light Kit. This light fits in the center slot of the

windshield panel.


1. 45-1201 Chrome Front Fender Rail. Adds beauty and protects the front fender.

A. 45-1201L Lighted Front Fender Rail. Same as above and includes a light strip

of 20 LED lights in amber. (Other colors available upon request.)

2. 45-1202 Chrome Rotor Covers. These chromed ABS covers add style and

protects the rotor covers. A-Amber B-Wine C-Clear

A. Optional Light Rings 45-8134 No Lights W-White L-Blue R-Red

45-8134(Color Code) Z-Bronze G-Green N-Neon

3. 18-625A Caliper Cover Light Kit.

Replace those reflectors on the forks with amber

lights to enhance visibility.

A. 673-126 Chrome ABS Grills. For above.

 3 and 3A


1 2

2A 4 5

4. 18260 Front Fender Filler. Adds a touch of chrome

to the fender hole and stops the water from coming out.

5. 45-1204 Chrome Front Fender Extension.

Chrome plated ABS . 2" longer than stock for extra


6. 18236 Fender Liner. Works like above. Only clear.



1. 45-1602 Chrome Side Fairing Accents. Chromed ABS installs in minutes

with a silicone adhesive. Mounts directly to the fairing vent.

2. Side Air Deflectors. No drilling

required. Completely adjustable.

Colors available below.

A. 1807 Mirror Deflectors

B. 1806 Upper Deflectors

C. 181605 Lower Deflectors

C- Clear L- Blue R- Red

K- Black Y- Yellow


3. 18266 Side Light Kit. Mounts to fairing side. 1

3 4 4


5 6 9

4. 18545 Adjustable Driver Pegs. Mounts into stock peg for greater comfort. Adjustable.

5. 18548A Adjustable Highway Pegs. Die cast and chrome plated. Mounts to case guard.

Adjustable to meet the driver?s needs, up or down position.

6. 18540 Driver Boards. Includes

hardware. Pair.

7. 1803 Rain Deflectors. Snaps on.

8. 1804 Rain Shields. Snaps on. For use

with Highway Boards.


7 8

9. 18264 Shin Deflectors. Attaches to engine case and uses existing hardware.


1. 18133 Alternator Light Kit. A must have for the long-range rider. Light comes on

when voltage drops.

2. 18261 GPS Dash Mount. Don?t leave home without it. This cool dash mount holds your

garmin color map and holds more securely than the handlebar mounts.

3. 18262 Mirror Lights. The lights install on the inside of the mirrors for extra visibility.

4. 60-6607 Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror. Mirror measures 2 " by 1 ".

5. 18673-187 Insolated Power Panel. Now can you install your additional accessories

without the fear of computer board damage.

6. 45-1206W Clutch and Brake Lever Set. Chrome plated. Wide style.


1 2 3 4


5 6 7

7. 18263 Handlebar Riser Kit. Lifts handlebars up and out approximately 1 inches.

8. HG-18 Hot Grips. Heated grips work like OEM at a fraction of the price. Adjustable

heat controller included.

9. 1634 Bronze Hand Warmer. Installs

in minutes. Keeps your hands & arms warm.

10. 1635 Clear Hand Warmer. Same as

above. Not Shown.


8 9


1. These pouches are made from the same material as the OEM black fabric and includes a

zipper and a Velcro flap.

A. H18LP Left Fairing Pocket.

B. H18AP Right Fairing Pocket.

C. ARC-2BK Armrest Pouch.

D. 020-1802 Trunk Rack Bag.

E. H18TPV Tank Pouch.


1A and 1B 1C

1D 1E 2


2 3 sample: backrest pad


2. 18673-816K Back Rest. Inside mount.

3. 18673-817K Back Rest. Outside mount.

4. 45-1604 Chrome Kickstand.

5. Chrome Rail Grips. Comes in 2 styles. To

be used with chrome anti-vibration dampner.

A. 18393-617 Insert Rail Grip

B. 18393-617A Rail Grip

C. 18393-617B Chrome Dampner


4 5A 5B


1. 45-1606 Chrome Pivot Covers. Tri-chromed ABS replacement. Pair.

2. 45-1601 Chrome Passenger Floorboard Underplate. Tri-chromed ABS. Pair.

3. 45-1603 Chrome Passenger Floorboard Step Covers. Tri-chromed ABS. Pair.

4. 45-1804 Chrome Saddlebag Scuff Covers. Tri-chromed ABS replacement. Pair.


1 2 3


4 5 5


6 7 7

5. 18673-818K Passenger Black Armrest. Swing out design.

6. 18541 Passenger Floorboard Risers. Raises Passenger Board 2" to give more


7. 18SS2 Passenger Adjustable Foot Pegs. Two positions. When up gives great

comfort and when down becomes a heel rest.


1. 45-1805 Trunk Rack. Our custom design that follows the contour of the trunk and will

fit with the lighted spoiler.

2. 020-1802 Trunk Bag. Made from the same OEM black material. Includes zipper,

flap, and rain cover.

3. 090-200 OEM Style Lighted Spoiler. Primer.

A. 090-200L Replacement Spoiler Light

4. 1802 Trunk Mirror. Get rid of helmet hair. 4


1 2 3

5 6 7

5. 090-133 Stealth Module. Makes spoiler

light a running and a brake light.

A. 090-133A Deluxe Stealth Module.

Same as above but brake light will flash. 8

6. W1160 Universal Trunk Light. Got to see at night!

7. 1604A Trunk Organizer. Great for maps, gloves, etc.

8. TP-1 Trunk 2 Pocket Pouch. Great for sunglasses, etc.


9. 678-024-18 Pewter Belt Buckle. Hand crafted. A true collector?s item.



1. 45-1802 Chrome Saddlebag Molding Kit. 2

Replaces the painted ones for that custom look.

2. 45-1803 Chrome Trunk Molding Kit. Replaces

the painted molding for that show bike look. 1


3. 020-1800 Luggage Liner Set. Made of 400 Denier nylon with zippers and flaps.

This three-piece set makes traveling a breeze.

4. 18265 Brake Dancer. This brake light modulator is designed to flash brake lights on the trunk

and saddlebag in a choice of three patterns. Flash approximately 6 times then stays constant red.

5. 1003 Brake Light Modulator. Designed to be compatible with computer boards.

Flashes when the brakes are applied.

3 4 5

6 7 8

6. 45-1806 Receiver Hitch. Allows the rear wheel section to be removed in one piece.

7. 18303-283 Chrome Exhaust Extension Tri-chromed, pair.

8. 18-142T Trailer Wiring Harness. Connects lights without computer board damage.

A. 090-143T Non A.B.S. Brakes

Trailer Wire Harness. For use with

non-A.B.S. brakes

9. 18-625R Rear Reflector Light.

Replaces the reflector.


8A 9


These Lights Bar are made in the USA. Made from premium steel and have automotive chrome plating.

1. Uni-Lense Light Bars

A. 1850-U Trunk Light Bar w/6 Lights

B. 1800-U Saddlebag Light Bar w/8 Lights

Optional items. Sold separate.

C. 15996-195A Uni-Light

D. 15993-195AL Replacement Red Lens

E. 679-035 Uni-Light Grill


2. Kury Lights

A. 1850-K Trunk Light Bar w/6 Lights

B. 1800-K Saddlebag Light Bar w/8 Lights

3. Plain Bars

A. 1850-1 Trunk Bar - NO LIGHTS

B. 1800-1 Saddlebag Bar - NO LIGHTS







4. 18741-176 Plain Mud Flap

5. 18741-177B Lighted Mud Flap

with 4 Lights

Optional Items. Sold Separate.

A. 678-063 Lincoln Light Grill


4 5

B. 358-136R Replacement Red Lens

C. 358-136 Lincoln Light Replacement



1. 10-82240 Oil Filter. Not shown.

2. 11-1521 Progressive Fork Springs

A. 01-1179B Rear Spring

C. 32-5509 Rear Spring Tool


3. GEZ200 Guardian Series EZ Deluxe Cover with Zipper. From Dowco.

4. PX200 Protector Series Standard Bike Cover. From Dowco. Not shown.

5. DC200 Legend Series Indoor Dust Cover. From Dowco.


5 3


6 7 10A 10B

6. GR-100 Round Side Cover Grommets. 10 Pack.

7. GR-200 Oval Side Cover Grommets. 10 Pack.

8. GR-300 Reusable Snaps. 10 Pack.


9. Headlight Replacement Bulbs

A. 01-48328 Standard Headlight Bulb 12V 55W

B. 01-H7BLB Xenon Cool Blue Headlight Bulb 12V 55W

10. Directional Replacement Bulbs

A. 01-P7443 Front Directional Bulb 12V 21/4W

B. 01-P7440 Rear Directional Bulb 12V 21W

9A & 9B




1. HS-ECD374 Series features the DualMode AeroMike III miniature boom microphone, fidelity

enhanced DynaPort (OF only) helmet speakers in stereo, universal clamp-on mounting system, and

the upper section (only) of the heavy duty 8 pin, two piece, hook-up cord.

A. HS-ECD374-OF Open Face

B. HS-ECD374-FL Flip Front

2. HS-ECD271 Series features the super quiet DualMode AeroMike II microphone, wide fidelity

helmet speakers in stereo, universal clamp-on mounting system, and the upper section (only) of

the heavy duty 8 pin, two piece, hook cord.

A. HS-ECD271-OF Open Face

B. HS-ECD271-FF Full Face

C. HS-ECD271-HH Half Helmet

3. HS-ECD5469 For short and open face helmets. Features the super quiet DualMode AeroMike

II boom microphone only (no Speakers), universal clamp-on mounting system, and the upper

section (only) of the heavy duty 8 pin, two-piece, hook-up cord.

4. HS-8134 Series. Upgraded economy headset, two slim line communication frequency speakers

in stereo, low noise microphone and comes with two-piece cord.

A. HS-8134-OF Open Face

B. HS-8134-FF Full Face

5. Replacement Cord for HS-ECD374, HS-ECD271, and HS-ECD5469 series.

A. HC-AAL Upper Cord for ECD374, ECD271, and ECD5469 series.

B. HC-ZB Lower Cord for 80-02 Honda, 80-02 J&M

C. HC-ZC Lower Cord for 89-97 Harley, 83-02 Yamaha, 83-02 Kawasaki, 83-02 Suzuki,

88-02 Honda 1500 with J&M passenger control panel.

D. HC-ZR Lower Cord for 98-02 Harley Davidson

6. Replacement Cord for HS-8134 Series

A. HC-JA Upper

B. HC-JA Lower

C. HC-JJ One Piece





1. HC-A Upper Section of two piece hookup cord.

2. HC-B Lower Section of two piece hookup cord with weather boot.

3. HC-E One Piece hookup cord without weather boot.

4. HC-JJ One Piece hookup cord for use with HS-8169, 8129, 8134 series headsets.

5. HC-JA Upper Cord for HS-8134 series headsets.

6. HC-JB Lower Cord for HS-8134 series headsets.

7. FFMA-10 Microphone Extension Adapter for use with some full face helmets.

8. JMV-2A Headset Volume Control. Adapter cable allows driver and passenger to adjust their

own volume. Plugs into headset.

9. UE-15 Headset Extension Cable. 5 pin 4 foot extension cable with dust cover.

10. HSPT-GL15 Headset Pigtail. 5 pin heavy duty female headset plug with dust cover. 1500.

11. HMPT-GL15 Headset Pigtail. 7 pin pigtail.

12. 428-124H Super Seer Ears. Black ABS speaker holders. Velcro attached. Pair.


1. HM-09 Universal CB Mike Kit. Includes CB mike, pigtail, and mounting hardware. By J&M.

A. HM-GL15AS GL1500 CB Mike Kit. Includes CB mike, handlebar mount, and 7 pin. By J&M.

B. HMK-GL18 GL1800 CB Mike Kit. Same as above except includes 8 pin pigtail.

2. SPB-2 CB Speaker. 3"x2"x2" speaker with mounting bracket. Has 4-80HM impedance. 6 foot cord

with plug.

3. Replacement Wind Socks. Redesigned for the new style J&M Aeromike and all other older J&M

Hondaline headsets.

A. 45-6902B Black

B. 45-6902L Blue

C. 45-6902R Red

D. 45-6902E Teal

4. ABS-3 Cord Clip. Chrome ABS. Pair.

A. ABS-4 Sure Cord Clip. Chromed ABS. Pair.

B. ABS-5 Mini Cord Clip. Chromed ABS. Pair.

5. Radar Mounts

A. RM78 Fits 7/8" handlebars.

B. RM1 Fits 1" handlebars.

C. 090-126 Mounts to the 10MM mirror stud.

D. 090-127 Mounts to dash.

E. MK-1 Mounts to windshield.


1. HI-67 Helmet Headset Junction Lead Kit. Connects headset to Honda type 3 audio system,

with or without CB. GL1200.

A. HI-12 Helmet Headset Junction Lead Kit. Same as above. For GL1100 80-81.

2. CBSW-GL15 Passenger CB Transmit Button. Plugs in under the seat and velcro to the right

side grab rail.

A. CBSW-GL18 Passenger CB Transmit Button. Same as above but for GL1800.

3. HRDW-2719 Headset Hardware Adapter. Fits 1988 and up J&M headsets, includes clap

backs, screws, nuts, and velcro pieces.







4. ID-1200 Indar CB Radio/Radar Detector Interface. Allows use through headset. Plugs in,

no cutting or splicing.

5. HSIS-GL15 Passenger Intercom Interrupt Switch. For GL1500. Allows the passenger to

interrupt the intercom by pushing the new switch. By J&M.

A. HSIS-GL18 Passenger Intercom Interrupt Switch. Same as above but for GL1800.

6. PC-GL15RS Right Passenger Control Panel. Controls CB and radio. By J&M.

A. PC-GL15CLS Left Passenger Control Panel. Volume control, CB button, and headset jack.

By J&M.


1. 18678-824 Rear Speaker Kit. This economy kit gives great sound at a low price. Plug in

harness. 35Watt. 5 inch.

A. 45-1801-2/3 Rear Speaker Wire Harness. Harness only.

2. IRC86S Weather Proof Radio Cover ONLY For GL1200.

3. IRC871 Radio Bezel ONLY For GL1200.

4. 673-629 Type 3 Radio/CB Antenna. High quality O.E.M. replacement. Can be used on either

side of all GL1100 and 1200 80-87.

5. CBL Antenna Tip Light. Lights up every time CB mike is keyed. Attaches to tip of CB antenna.

6. Antenna Mounts. Tri-chromed, O.E.M. replacements.

A. 424-062 1980-83 GL1100 Right or Left.

B. 673-828 1984-87 GL1200 Left.

7. 424-062A Antenna Relocation Bracket. A must when

adding a trunk light bar. Moves antenna down and out of the way.

8. Replacement Speakers.

A. 678-824 O.E.M. Replacement Speakers. Pair. Can be used in the front of all GL1100 and

GL1200 and the rear of GL1500. 4 inch.

B. USK-9000 Hi Performance Replacement Speakers. Made to J&M specification for

ultra performance. Pair. By J&M. 4 inch.

C. RSK-GL1815 GL1500 Fairing Speakers/GL1800 Fairing and Rear Speakers.

Pair. By J&M. 5 inch.

D. SKRE-GL18 Rear Speaker Kit for GL1800. Includes wiring harness plugs and mounting

hardware. 5 inch.

9. 15678-824W Rear Speaker Kit with Wire Harness. Fits GL1500. 5 inch.

10. 45-9010 Valkyrie Rear Speaker Kit. Fits Valkyrie. 4 inch.


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